General Information

  • The permission Administrator can not be granted at this time, it is only available to the Owner of the Organization.

What is the difference between Organization and Property Permissions?

  • Organization permissions govern tasks that affect other users, as well as potentially other properties and the organization itself.

  • Property permissions allow you to give Users isolated access to specific Properties instead of granting them Organizations permissions.

  • To ensure Organization permissions are not given instead of Property permissions. All Property permissions are prefixed with: P_, while all Organization permissions are not.

  • A complete list of all Permissions is available here.

Request Body

  "permissions"?: {
        "resources": "property" | "organization"
        "property_id"?: PropertyID
    "items": PermissionPropertyFlags[] | PermissionOrganizationFlags[],
    "operation": "add" | "remove" | "empty",
Used to select where to apply the permissions.
If the resources selected is property, this field must have a value of the target PropertyID.

The permissions to operate upon. The API will alert you when any property in this list is incompatible with the resource you wish to apply the permissions to.

The operator to use for the permissions in permissions.items. The operator empty can only be used by the owner of the Organization.

Example Payload

  "permissions": {
        "resources": "property",
        "property_id": "D#12356789"
    "operation": "add"