Organization Permissions

Permission FlagDescription
ADMINISTRATORThis role grants complete access to the organization and its properties and users. It has all actions short of being able to modify or remove the owner. At this time, it can not be given - only the owner has this role. In the future, the owner will be able to (cautiously) give this to users.
VIEW_USERSAllows users to view non-sensitive data about other users in the organization, including the ability to list all users.
MANAGE_USERSAllows users to manage other users. This does not grant the ability to grant users' roles on properties themselves.
VIEW_ORGANIZATIONAllows users to view organization settings and read-only information like billing and account information.
MANAGE_PROPERTIESAllows users to have authoritative action over all properties. They may grant any property roles to users except the following:


The only actions they may not perform are:
- Deleting the Property.
- Unlinking the Property.
INVITE_USERSAllows users to invite other users to the property. Similar to MANAGE_USERS but prevents kicking users, preventing lockout attacks.

Property Permissions

Permission FlagDescription
P_VIEW_PROPERTYAllows a user read-only access to a property.
P_VIEW_ANALYTICSAllows a user read-only access to analytics.
P_VIEW_USERSAllows a user read-only access to end-users (as in, actual users) on the property.
P_MANAGE_USERSAllows a user to moderate and manage users on the platform, including kicking, banning and other platform-supported actions.
P_MANAGE_SECURITYAllows a user to manage security settings of the property.
P_MANAGE_SECURITY_VERIFICATIONAllows a user to manage verification settings of a property. Useful to allow organization members to resolve verification issues without granting full access to security settings.
P_VIEW_AUDIT_LOGAllows a user to view the historical audit logs for a property.
P_MANAGE_USERS_BULKAllows a user to use bulk actions. Normally a user must manage each user individually. This permissions should be granted with caution.
P_VIEW_POST_EDITOROn supported platforms, allows a user to use the platform communication post editor for announcements and information broadcasting.
P_RCONOn supported platforms, allows a user to use RCON (Remote Control). This is a dangerous permission.
P_MANAGE_EMERGENCYOn supported platforms, allows a user to manage and enable emergency mode.
P_MANAGE_RULESETSOn supported platforms, allows a user to manage rule sets related to member behavior and identity (like usernames or posting users) and security rule sets.
P_MANAGE_PROPERTYAllows a user to have authoritative action over this property. Identical to MANAGE_PROPERTIES but specifically for a single property.
P_MANAGE_PROPERTY_AESTHETICAllows a user to have access to aesthetic property settings like names and platform specific branding that will be reflected on the property externally.
P_EDIT_PROPERTY_SETTINGSSimilar to P_MANAGE_PROPERTY but does not include access to RCON (on supported platforms).