What is Endu Analytics?

End-User (Endu) Analytics is a unified tracking engine for both on-platform and off-platform user journeys. It can track what's getting your users to your desired engagement stage and what's causing drop-off and churn. It combines on-platform and off-platform events into one cohesive timeline of events.

[Q] Endu and Flow: How do they work?

Endu uses Flow to do non-interactive (friction-free) account linking to unique identities. When a user completes a Flow session, all past events belonging to them are associated with their new unique identities that persist for future on-platform and off-platform events.

[Q] How do on-platform events get associated with these unique identities?

Our integration handles on-platform interactions within the property (server, chat) it is installed within. This connects data captured as-it-happens to be then combined with off-platform data.

[Q] How do off-platform events get associated with these unique identities?

Using Endu-supported products like our Link-Shortening service or Flow (off-platform) - we determine automatically, based on provided metadata at the time of the interaction, if there is a strong enough match on a vast range of criteria that may belong to a unique identity. If there's a match, we seamlessly record the event to be associated with that unique identity.

Equally, and most importantly, you can provide over API events at the time they occur - and in a range of combinations of metadata available at that time. If you know the ID of the unique identity precisely, it helps - but we still can parse events on as little metadata available at that time.

[Q] What about cross-device linking?

Cross-device interactions are complicated, but we handle them gracefully on an eventual-consistency model. This means that eventually, there becomes enough metadata at the time of an interaction that leads us to believe all past interactions associated with a device actually belong to an existing unique identity - we carefully reassign all past data to the suspected actual identity that was older. This can happen an unlimited amount of times, so it can always try to stay updated with changing devices and updates.

[Q] Why the focus on unique identities?

Our goal is not to give very deep granular data about individual identities (although this is offered). Instead, it is to ensure that we give you our most confident representation of aggregated data when you request it - from User Journeys to Cohorts. Our ability to de-duplicate identities is paramount to ensuring your data accurately represents your audience.