What are Actions?

Actions are ways to directly interact and modify the underlying settings and values of a Property, directly with the Platform.

For example, this allows you on Discord to perform actions like:

  • Bulk assign roles
  • Bulk kick members
  • Bulk Timeout members
  • Change Usernames
  • And more!

Every bulk action doubles over for singular use too! Actions use the native APIs provided by these platform, using our integration as the entry point.

Differences between Actions and Property Settings.


Actions are intended to let you modify the raw settings of your properties through our service. Like property names, descriptions, colors, banners and anything you could natively do as a user.

Property Settings

Property settings refer to the settings of the integration and our service in the context of our functionality to your property. Like setting security settings, or verification flow timeouts.

How are actions intended to be used?

While platforms supply APIs to perform these functions out of the box, Actions provide a layer on top that provides these benefits:

  • Full integration with our Permission system, allowing you to create a boundary between external and internal modifications with your property without exposing Discord or Telegram API keys. This allows you to run supported bare-bones API requests through us.
  • Extensible actions over a large number of properties.
    1. Single settlement of same-platform and cross-platform property updates, like Changing profile pictures of Discord and Telegram groups at once, or kicking users matching Chatsight ID's across different property types.
    2. Friendly for use in your own applications for managing the properties of others who you register with Chatsight. Agencies, managed Discord providers are all welcome.
  • Extended features for existing native API routes, like Bulk settlement of large API tasks - while being respectful of the platform's underlying rate limits.
  • A single unified interface to execute actions over different platforms, without requiring different API methods and inputs.

Actions should be used when you can tolerate eventual completion of the requested action. Actions with fewer targets and values finish executing faster, as expected. Actions targeting single users can be considered near-immediate completion.

Actions are executed in a global queue when using unbranded installations of the integration, while tailored integrations execute within their own queue.

Third-party developers may use the unbranded integration as a side-car for their own products to perform bulk tasks they would normally struggle to do.

Supported Actions

We hope to expand this further, but we currently support these actions.

ActionDescriptionSupported Platforms
banBan a user.All
kickKick a user.All
cbanBan a user using a Chatsight ID. This is a best-effort tool, and unlike ban, the user may not exist.All
timeoutOn supported platforms, this allows you to timeout a user.Discord
rolesOn supported platforms, this allows you to assign an array of roles to an array of users.Discord