Audit Logging is currently supported on the following Property Types:

  • Discord
  • Telegram

Audit logging is an almost complete SOC-II, and PCI DSS (10.2.3) compliant way of monitoring events in your properties. We aim to make this feature complete. It currently offers these guarantees:

  • All log entries are signed using an HMAC secret, stored in a SOC-II compliant way at Chatsight. We can attest that no log entry was tampered with. Whilst we can support customer-supplied keys, this would be redundant as we could see the contents of any keys.
  • Two sets of audit logs, stored in two different mediums - serving as a record of deletion.
  • We make a strong, but not 100% guarantee that we capture every log. Certain Property Types are more reliable for receiving events in waiting, while we are not able to receive them during software updates or service unavailability. We hope to make a 100% guarantee in the near future.

Sample Audit Log (Exported Version)

This is a sample row from an exported audit log. To ensure that you can view the HMAC signature of an event, you must view the exported copy - as the API may not provide the signature with each Universal Event.

To see the meaning behind what each Universal Event / event_type refers to, see Properties: Analytics.

ubzdSZxjrm7EyKxxwmefHa2022-08-24 11:52:55 UTCXXXXYYYYZZZZ123123456789XXXXYYYYZZZZ123#123456789DiscordguildBanAddUSER_BANstart_events{"user":{"id":"","bot":false,"system":false,"flags":0,"username":"","discriminator":"","avatar":"","createdTimestamp":"","defaultAvatarURL":"","tag":"doctor#2088","avatarURL":"","displayAvatarURL":""}}c55aa32536ef2505626ecb13f1ee754f798be55ad8f4f3992c997310daf933f6
uuidUUID v4 as flickerBase58.
timestampISO 8601.
customer_idThe ID of your Organization.
property_idThe ID of the property as given by the platform. This is the same ID referred to the property at Chatsight.
h_property_idUsed internally by Chatsight to improve filtering and searching.
property_typeThe full-length descriptor of the property type.
eventThe Platform-Specific Type.
event_typeThe Universal Type.
function_identifierThe Function Type.
event_dataThe raw event data as JSON. This is normally the raw data captured at the time of the event and has not been modified. In some cases, we reparse the event data to make more structural sense.
hmacThe HMAC signature of the values of all the fields, separated by ||. Example: ubzdSZxjrm7EyKxxwmefHa||2022-08-24 11:52:55 UTC||.