Exchange the OAuth token for the first step required for the flow.


    "code":"abc-123", // OAuth Code
    "v1":"xyzabc123" // Fingerprint


    "state": true,
    "data": {
        "err": false,
        "err_message": "",
        "data": {
            "ticket": "vbNEsjGDSfHhenhqKeUhjj", // Ticket must be stored.
            "user_id": "702877938567086080",
            "steps": { // Describes what step we're on, and what we need to render.
                "variant": "VERIFICATION", // Step Name must be stored and submitted.
                "step_order": 1, // Step Order must be stored and submitted.
                "settings": { // Currently only server-side used, may include localization or other instructions for future use.
                    "enabled": true,
                    "critical": true
            "organization_id": "848WN4oEUgisKrV9dY9Ni6",
            "flow_current_step": "1", // Redunant step, should match the step instruction as error-checking.
            "flow_max_steps": "1", // One-Indexed amount of steps. Can be used for error-preventing.
            "flow_started": "true",
            "flow_last_step": "0", // Currently not updated, but can be used to know what step we came from.
            "flow_failed": "false", // Display failure component.
            "property_type": "discord",
            "flow_fail_reason": "", // String to display for failure.
            "property_id": "D#1007491775344160808",
            "proof": "ehqK8cLUJHT1wqa39HGTiy" // Current Step Proof, must be stored for entire session, and a reducer needs to combine each new proof for each new step. i.e. Step_1_proof + Step_2_proof + Step_n_proof = Living Proof String