Moderate potentially unsafe usernames.

BETA - This API is in Beta. This means that while we will ensure availability to a more-than-reasonable degree, there may be unforeseen issues or outages.


Check Username Safety


HEADER x-chatsight-api-auth: <API-TOKEN>

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'x-chatsight-api-auth: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"username":"BIGPIZZALOVER"}'


    "api": "chatsight-lang-username",
    "success": true,
    "response": {
        "usernameCheck": "allow"

response.usernameCheck can be one of four values:

  • allow - The username hasn't been flagged, and appears safe.
  • reject - The username has been flagged, and is not entirely safe for use.
  • undecided - There isn't really a consensus on the verdict. You should ask for another username.
  • error - An internal server error occured.