Get the current status of a running moderation request.


HEADER x-chatsight-api-auth: <API-TOKEN>
HEADER x-chatsight-api: chatsightvoice

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'x-chatsight-api: chatsightvoice' \
--header 'x-chatsight-api-auth: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \


Responses are formatted as an array with three elements, a Boolean success indicator, the moderation status, and an error status element (null if there is no error).

        "convoId": "pizzaChatRoom",
        "error": false,
        "instanceId": "...",
        "metadata": {
            "operationId": "...",
            "stopReason": "..."        
        "resourceClaim": "...",
        "running": true,
        "state": "transcribing",
        "type": "job",
        "uri": ""
convoIdSTRINGThe conversation ID
errorBOOLEANBoolean representing if an error has occurred in the moderation lifecycle.
instanceIdSTRINGThe instance ID the resource is deployed on.
metadata.operationIdSTRINGThe operation ID. Can be used to restart an interrupted moderation request.
metadata.stopReasonSTRINGA Stop code that informs you on what caused the request to stop.
resourceClaimSTRINGAn ID that ties this operation to a resource.
runningSTRINGBoolean representing the running status of the moderation lifecycle.
stateSTRINGA string representation of the current state of the moderation lifecycle. See a breakdown below for every type of status.
typeSTRINGThe type of request, possible values are "job" and "stream". If the request is fetching media from a URL that is not live, this would be a "job" request.
uriSTRINGThe URI/URL that media is being fetched from.