Realtime audio moderation and transcription.

You can use audio moderation in two ways. Passing a live audio or video stream (which is transcoded at Chatsight), or passing a pre-signed URL to fetch an audio file.

Data security is a core feature for compliance measures. All long-running and streaming moderation requests must include a customer-provided AES-256-CBC encryption key,
i.e. the Author Key. We require this key to be a 32-Bit Hex Value, converted to Base64.


A 32-Bit hex: 204f7200d4762ce03635a39f93d3c182997ac8e462f9bfe4.

The Base64 of that hex is: IE9yANR2LOA2NaOfk9PBgpl6yORi+b/k.

Therefore, the Author Key that you should send, is IE9yANR2LOA2NaOfk9PBgpl6yORi+b/k.

Security Notice

We do not centrally store the Author Key provided, in a way that would allow indexing or searching. The Author Key is provided to the our scheduler after obtaining a single-use wrapped token from our secrets vault, and deleted after. The Author Key is never made accessible to any type of database queries, filtering, or otherwise has the ability to facilitate discoverability.