Get the current status of a running tagging session.

Once the session is started, you can monitor its activity and status below. The results of the tagging session can be obtained from this API path upon completion as described below. convoid values are scoped to your user account. For obvious reasons, you cannot query a session you do not own.


HEADER x-chatsight-api-auth: <API-TOKEN>
HEADER x-chatsight-api: chatsightvoice

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'x-chatsight-api: chatsightvoice' \
--header 'x-chatsight-api-auth: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \


A tagging session status will look similar to a moderation request status. When the operation has completed, a new key within the response: result containing a child key tags shows the recommended tags for the stream target.

The tagging session is complete when the response shows running: false.

result.tags are returned as a comma-separated string. This allows various languages to parse to an array, or to display as-is.

If error: true, the error reason is shown as metadata: {stopReason: <error>}.

The following types of session state are:

  • provisioning - We're allocating memory and starting the session. If this continues for a prolonged period, try again in a few minutes.
  • running - The session is currently running, and will complete within five minutes.
  • finished - The session is finished, either successfully, or due to an error.
        "convoId": "Pizza_Party_avb3Dfcf",
        "error": false,
        "instanceId": "...",
        "metadata": {
            "stopReason": "...",
            "sampleMethod": "edge",
            "searchMethod": "explore",
            "webhook": "..."
        "result": {
            "methods": {
                "sampling": "edge",
                "search": "explore"
            "tags": "Food, Fun, Outdoors", // False if no tags were recommended.
            "undocumentedTags": "Party, Socializing, Eating" // False if no undocumented tags were recommended.
        "resourceClaim": "...",
        "running": false,
        "state": "finished",
        "type": "tag-live",
        "uri": "..."
convoIdSTRINGThe Conversation Identifier for this session.
errorBOOLEANA Boolean indicator of session success. Sometimes an error might occur after result tags have been submitted, so in spite of an error - always check for the availability of result.tags.
instanceIdSTRINGThe internal identifier for the instance the session is running on. Can be used to identify problems with the team.
metadata.tagsSTRINGA comma separated list of documented tags that were recommended for the media content. This string will only contain tags that are documented, but sometimes this may be false in favor of metadata.undocumentedTags.
metadata.undocumentedTagsSTRINGA comma separated list of undocumented tags that are semantically similar to documented tags. In some cases, predictions will include tags that better describe the audio content that are not documented, and from outside of our definitions. We provide this field to allow you to create a manifest to better utilize these tags. For example, a documented tag might be Anime, and the ground truth is that the title of the room, stream or video is about creating or drawing Anime. However, the audio content may be more focused around "editing or creating videos", and so a recommended, but undocumented tag would be Video Editing.