To enable an addon, you must see if it is available. See Getting Available Addons for getting addon names by their sku property. Additionally, each have required properties to be submitted in your request that can be found for each addon in their requiredSetupProperties property.

The definitions for what requiredSetupProperties can mean can be found in each Addon section.

To update addon settings, simply call this route again with updated fields.

Below illustrates enabling the keywordAlert addon.



HEADER x-chatsight-api-auth: <<apiKeyExample>>

curl --location --request PATCH '' \
--header 'x-chatsight-api-auth: <<apiKeyExample>>' \
--data-raw '{"addon":"keywordAlert","webhook":""}'


    "api": "chatsight-lang-text",
    "success": true,
    "response": {
        "info":"Addon Enabled!"